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WE GOT A STORY TO TELL - Muziek tegen eenzaamheid - NPO Radio 1

Written by Music Moves

ATTENTION, HOT! - May the 24th, Kimberlee Ramirez and Reinoud Beimers were with Mischa Blok on NPO Radio 1 talking about Music Moves.

Reinoud is General Manager at the 10,000 HOURS foundation (initiator of Music Moves), also City Manager for Enschede and Deventer. Kimberlee was our ambassador in Music Moves 2019 and is involved again this year.

Together they talk about what Music Moves will look like this year, about tackling loneliness, the best experiences of Music Moves 2019 and finally the power of music. Theo van Tilburg, professor of sociology at the VU, also tuned in to the theme of loneliness.

Check out the whole item below! And if you're wondering where that lovely summer tune from Kimberlee can be found: Good Love (Sentimenz Remix)

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