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GET TO KNOW US! Isabelle is a participant in our youth panel from Nijmegen and took part in our soon to be released campaign video. Read the how, what and why here. 

Who are you and what do you do?

I'm Isabelle, 22 years old, human of music, graduated event-manager and social worker in training.

What does music mean to you?

A day without listening to music is, in my opinion, a day not lived. Music connects, broadens your horizon, gives warm feelings and makes you move. It is my therapy and relaxation, something I certainly cannot do without. 

What motivates you to commit to Music Moves? 

When I heard about this organisation through Stefan I actually had to smile immediately, it is a combination of the things that I find important. And what was initially a challenge for me has now become reality. I was looking for a way to contribute to society by being creative with music, dance and art.

You shined in the Music Moves campaign that will be online from May. How was the shoot day?

The shoot day at the beach was really a wonderful experience. Especially in these times, when we mainly have to do things, it was nice to be able to chat the old-fashioned way. Meeting new people, enjoying the sun and especially each other. I felt at ease right away and that is why I will not easily forget this day.

Why should young people sign up for Music Moves?

If you ask me why young people should register for Music Moves, I'll come back to the fact that this really is a unique opportunity for yourself but also for Dutch society. In these semi bleak times, it's so important that we help each other and especially don't forget. Feeling forgotten is something I do not wish on anyone. Use your own qualities to make this world a more beautiful place and connect with others to make an even bigger difference.

What is your favorite track right now?

Right now im jamming to Beautiful of Masta Ace.

Thanks for your story Isabelle! ♥

All our ambassadors' favourite tunes can be found in our spotify playlist & follow our Insta for many funky updates. 

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