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GET TO KNOW US! Carmina is a participant in our youth panel from Breda and is an international student at the BUas. We have asked her a couple of questions.

Who am I and what do I do?

Yellow 🔅 I am Carmina and I come from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I am a dancer, adventure seeker, dog lover, and your number 1 cheese fan. I am still a child sometimes. Currently I am a Leisure & Events Management Student at BUas.

What music means to me:

Music is a lifestyle for me. I do not feel functional without listening to music. As a dancer, music has always been a way to both lose and find myself at the same time.

What motivates me to commit to Music Moves?

I truly believe that music is a tool to bring people together and to improve one’s well-being. Therefore, creating projects for people who need to be seen in society through the power of music is my main motivation of being part of Music Moves.

Why should people sign up?

People should sign up because being part of something bigger than yourself not only helps one see things from a different perspective, but also helps one enlarge their network. All in all, people should sing up because through the power that music has, incredible events can be created.

What is your favorite tune atm?

Favourite tune: Matt Corby - Brother

We are taken away by your words Carmina! ♥

All our ambassadors' favourite tunes can be found in our spotify playlist & follow our Insta for many funky updates. 

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